My current practice is rooted in intuitive play, and my primary points of inspiration are cosmology, science fiction, and the politics of self- expression. My work spans across several craft based media including fiber, ceramics, and jewelry and metals. My work is sometimes functional, and sometimes sculptural, as I aim to blur distinctions between fine art and craft by creating objects that the viewer interacts with through either wear, or exploratory play.

I often create work that explores the concept of space, both internal and external, micro and Marco. My interactive, modular, “playable” sculptures aim to cast the viewer in the role of the mystical child who, upon encountering foreign objects, see only potential playthings, and through exploratory play, deepen their understanding of context and empathy.

My most recent pieces are functional jewelry objects that blur the lines between fashion and sculpture, subvert the common notion of adornment as a diminutive afterthought, and challenge norms of feminine self-expression.